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Course Code: MCAST
Duration: 5
Price: 3895 *
Cisco Learning Credits: 39 *
Type: Public or Private
Skill Level: Intermediate
* Plus applicable taxes


Implementing Cisco Multicast(MCAST)

Students will learn to successfully design, implement, and troubleshoot IP multicast-enabled networks. 

This course provides students with in-depth knowledge of the IP multicast building blocks that make this new IP service deployable and attractive from a business perspective.  Bandwidth and processing power are wasted when data is replicated and sent from a source to potential receivers multiple times.  With IP multicast and a sophisticated group of protocols, the information is delivered with minimal impact on bandwidth and processor load.  This IP service ensures simultaneous information delivery only to the people and the machines that require the information.  It is suggested that candidates have CCNA Certification or equivalent work experience prior to enrollment.  It is also strongly recommended that candidates have successfully completed BSCI.  This course is for pre- and post-sales technical engineers responsible for designing, implementing, and/or troubleshooting basic to advanced IP multicast enabled networks within a single domain.

Special note


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• CCNA recommended

• Ability to configure Cisco routers and LAN switches

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• Personnel responsible for designing, implementing, and troubleshooting IP multicast-enabled networks.

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Skills taught


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Implementing Cisco Multicast (MCAST)
Module 1: IP Multicast Concepts and Technologies
Lesson 1: Introducing IP Multicast
Lesson 2: Understanding the Multicast Service Model
Lesson 3: Defining Multicast Distribution Trees and Forwarding
Lesson 4: Reviewing Multicast Protocols
•Module 2: Multicast on the LAN
Lesson 1: Mapping Layer 3 to Layer 2
Lesson 2: Working with Cisco Group Management Protocol
Lesson 3: Using IGMP Snooping
•Module 3: PIM Sparse Mode
Lesson 1: Introducing Protocol Independent Multicast Sparse Mode
Lesson 2: Understanding PIM-SM Protocol Mechanics
Lesson 3: Using PIM-SM in a Sample Situation
Lesson 4: Configuring and Monitoring PIM-SM
•Module 4: Rendezvous Point Engineering
Lesson 1: Identifying RP Distribution Solutions
Lesson 2: Implementing Auto-RP
Lesson 3: Using PIMv2 BSR
Lesson 4: Using Anycast RP and MSDP
•Module 5: PIM Sparse Mode Protocol Extensions
Lesson 1: Introducing Source Specific Multicast
Lesson 2: Configuring and Monitoring SSM
Lesson 3: Reviewing Bidirectional PIM
Lesson 4: Configuring and Monitoring Bidirectional PIM
•Module 6: Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP
Lesson 1: Introducing MP-BGP
Lesson 2: Configuring and Monitoring MP-BGP
•Module 7: Interdomain IP Multicast
Lesson 1: Examining Dynamic Interdomain IP Multicast
Lesson 2: Explaining Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
Lesson 3: Using MSDP SA Caching
Lesson 4: Configuring and Monitoring MSDP
Module 8: IP Multicast Security
Lesson 1: Introducing IP Multicast and Security
Lesson 2: Securing a Multicast Network
Module 9: Multicast Optimization and High Availability Features
Lesson 1: Using Multicast Optimization and High Availability Features
•Module 10: Applications of Multicast
Lesson 1: Exploring IP Multicast and Video Applications
Lesson 2: Using IP Multicast in Mission-Critical Environments
Lesson 3: Exploring How Enterprise IT Uses IP Multicasting Globally
Lab Outline
•Lab 2-1: Layer 2 and Layer 3 Multicast
•Lab 3-1: PIM-SM Protocol Basics
•Lab 3-2: PIM-SM Protocol Mechanics and Timers
•Lab 5-1: PIM Sparse-Dense Mode and Manual RP Configuration
•Lab 5-2: Configuring Dynamic RP Information Distribution
•Lab 5-3: Bidirectional PIM
•Lab 5-4: Source Specific Multicast
•Lab 7-1: Anycast RP, External MP-BGP, and MSDP Peering
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